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That's where I am these days.
I don't feel like I'm in on the "plan".
Part of me feels like it's time for me to go it alone. Gee, there's a sort of scary thought. Can I support myself?
I'm afraid for my animals, none of them are young and we have such a weird vibe going....is Jess ready to be a really single mom? That's so hard, however, I'm not a whole lot of use to anyone anymore except for comic relief!
Many things to consider.....
The stress level here is pretty high, the everybody walking on eggshells kind of thing.
I don't know what I am hoping for.  How do I want it all to work out?
I wonder what about me was so unlovable that I have no one to be old with? Except for my pets, oh goody! we're back to that!
I think I'll go do my laundry now.

my sweet daughter

 Pandora has just spent most of her day doing the business part of marketing my artwork. She really deserves a huge cut of the proceeds as she has done a bulk of the work lately. She and yojo are very kind to me and they support this endeavor. Likewise, the Wooden Cow has been supportive and done more to promote me than any other Gallery I've  worked with.
That said, Jess  has done so much and I don't think I could have gotten this far without her. I don't shower her with enough praise.
Yojo, she and Little Human dragged my sorry butt all over town to get things done today.
I really am very grateful. Goddess, bless my young ones.


at my window

Bunnies and doves and quail, oh my!
Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!

The Wooden Cow

I was just notified that I have been accepted as a consigner @ the gallery!!!
So, as of October, I'll have two pieces in the monthly show ,"Into the Darkness"
four or so other pieces in the main gallery!!
I'm so excited!! I may have to get dressed or something!
So, this evening I  have an appointment to see if I can get a regular space @ the Wooden Cow.
I have picked the paintings I am physically taking to show, and have updated the portfolio Jess made for me.
I am peace full and serene!
And, Remember October 2, two of my pieces, Blood From Stone and Nightshade will be in the 'Dark Arts Show" @ the Wooden Cow.
Y'all come!

wooden cow

Well, two of the paintings I submitted were accepted for the October show!
Such a relief, to know. Still, now I have to stress all the other aspects!
Thank you Nicki, I am so grateful.

ma birfday

As my friend's know, I celebrate the whole month of September! Sometimes longer.....
Last month, Pandora and Yojo took me to the Dylan/Mellencamp/Nelson concert for my birthday! Woot!!!
Had a marvelous time (Bob, please quit touring).
I was all happy and not expecting anything else. Maybe dinner?!
So, last week when Pandora asked me," If your present arrives on Friday, do you want it then or wait till your actual birthday?"
I was surprised and had to think on it. The next day I said let me have it in the day it comes. (Since I celebrate the Whole month).
Anywho, Friday the package arrives and I am excited and curious. It's from Barnes & Nobel, they are so expectantly watching as I look it over,and I just can't imagine what it could be. Pandora has this Cheshire Cat smile and Yojo just looked dazed (see his post re Rio Rancho).
Inside, I find a boxed set, 20th anniversary edition of "The Joshua Tree". It includes a 2 CD's one studio, one  Oddities, and a DVD
of a live concert. I am amazed!!
First, you need to know that this album changed my life. I was a fan since "Boy", but The Joshua Tree spoke to me on so many levels.
I came to the desert because of it, I painted like crazy because of it, I survived my mother's death with it's help.
I became convinced that Bono is in fact the Second Coming!
When we went to see the movie, "Rattle & Hum" they played "Bad" and morphed into "Ruby Tuesday". Well!, I just knew it was a "sign".
Yes, we already knew I was a whack job, why are you surprised?
This gift meant so much to me. I really don't know how to thank them.

My Elegant dream also has gifted me, she took me to The Wooden Cow and introduced me. I have three paintings submitted for the October show and an appointment to possibly submit on a regular basis! Scary, but very exciting. Again, I don't know how to thank her and can only give her my deepest gratitude and love.

As I've said before, it's not so bad getting old when you are surrounded by such wonderful people!


this morning I'm sitting at my desk with a bunny not ten feet away. Another is across the yard and my bird bath is ringed with quail. A hummingbird is at the feeder and the sparrows and finches are arriving. Ahhhhhh.....

Bob Dylan

Yojo and pandora got me tickets to last night's dylan concert for my upcoming b-day! Pandora took me, it was SOOOOOOO great!
It was a beautiful night and willie nelson & john mellencamp were WONDERFUL!!!
Bob dylan is old and cranky, but I love him anyway! So, other than a bit of sleep deprivation, I'm good!