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when u change with every new day

still, I'm gonna miss you.

20 September
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I am an ill, aging artist facing the end of my life.Instead of going quietly into this good night, I want to share my thoughts.
I have a beautiful daughter,a wonderful future son-in law and a new grandson (best baby ever!). I had a son, but he passed at 9, I miss him everyday. My beautiful grand son is named for him ( so proud!).
I love cats dressed in tuxedos and my Queensland red heeler; the art of Vincent Van Gogh, the music of U2 and the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.
I've met some extraordinary people in my life, great friends and great thinkers. Lived in some amazing places
I want to use this journal to share some of these people and experiences and to enjoy new ones with you.
Maybe I will finally find a way to share my art with others!
art, birding, black flowers, books, gardening, goth people, my grand baby, quasi-religious art and movies., spirituality, u2